High Resolution Semantic Change Detection Dataset

HRSCD Example

The Dataset

This dataset contains 291 coregistered image pairs of RGB aerial images from IGS’s BD ORTHO database. Pixel-level change and land cover annotations are provided, generated by rasterizing Urban Atlas 2006, Urban Atlas 2012, and Urban Atlas Change 2006-2012 maps.

The dataset is split into five parts:

The 2006 images are under a non-redistributable licence, but can be downloaded directly from IGN’s website ( https://geoservices.ign.fr/documentation/diffusion/telechargement-donnees-libres.html#bd-ortho-50-cm or https://www.geoportail.gouv.fr/carte). The necessary files are:


Change labels are available for all image pairs in the dataset. Available classes:

Land cover maps are available for all images in the dataset. Urban Atlas classes have been grouped at first hierarchical level, as described in the paper cited above. Available classes:


If you use this work for your projects, please take the time to cite our paper:

Daudt, R.C., Le Saux, B., Boulch, A. and Gousseau, Y., 2019. Multitask learning for large-scale semantic change detection. Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 187, p.102783.

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You can download the dataset on IEEE DataPort webpage:


The images in this dataset are released under IGN’s “licence ouverte”. More information can be found at http://www.ign.fr/institut/activites/lign-lopen-data

The maps used to generate the labels in this dataset come from the Copernicus program, and as such are subject to the terms described here: https://land.copernicus.eu/local/urban-atlas/change-2006-2009?tab=metadata

This dataset is released under Creative-Commons BY-NC-SA licence. For commercial purposes, please contact the authors.

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